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The Training Evaluation Toolkit

Welcome to the Training Evaluation Toolkit (The Toolkit)

The purpose of The Toolkit is to help users understand the different ways we can check if a learning event has made any difference to the real world. This can include increasing levels of knowledge and skills, changing people’s working practices and ultimately benefitting children and young people's mental health and wellbeing. 

Here is what you should know at the end of reading this Toolkit. We call these statements, Intended Learning Outcomes, or ILOs: 

  • You will understand the four levels of impact described in Kirkpatrick’s Model of Evaluation 
  • You will understand why it is important to collect impact data after a learning event is delivered 
  • You will be able to work out which levels of impact assessment are required for a given learning event 
  • You will know how to use impact measurement tools to gather data across the four Kirkpatrick levels

First, please complete this Form (opens in a new window) which asks about the ILO’s before you look at the Toolkit and again after you have looked at The Toolkit. We will prompt you to complete this form again at the end of The Toolkit. This lets us check if The Toolkit has increased your knowledge and confidence in the way we hope it will.

This Toolkit aims to improve the quality of learning undertaken by the Scottish child workforce to allow them to better meet the Mental Health and Wellbeing needs of children and young people.